Monday 17 March 2014

Gazoo: Introduction (English)

(French version)

As promised, I’d like to introduce you to our new feature: Gazoo.


Gazoo is a Word add-in that gives you access to all TradooIT tools (concordancer, memory, terminology) directly in your word processor. Gazoo was created to simplify the job of translators by being as transparent as possible.

Have you ever dreamed of translating in an environment without opening and closing segments, without having to work around tags? That’s right! Without tags! How about being able to work directly in Word without using a translation memory and changing character styles without pulling your hair out? That’s Gazoo’s goal and it’s getting there.


Gazoo is really simple to install.

Click here (you must have Windows)
- Follow the instructions!

Once installed, Gazoo updates automatically!

Getting started

When you next open Word, you will notice two changes:
- the new “Bilingual Concordancer” panel at the right
- the TradooIT tab in the menu bar

The section “Bilingual Concordancer” is a miniature version of TradooIT online concordancer.

Bilingual concordancer at
Bilingual concordancer in Gazoo
Of course, you can look for words in the language of your choice. Also, you don’t even have to retype the word each time. Select a word or phrase then press “ALT+L” and TradooIT will search for it.

To filter on a result, you only have to click on it.

The TradooIT tab gives you an overview of the actions available. If you’re not logged in, the choice of actions is limited.

By logging in, when you use the concordancer, you can access your private memories and termbases. If you don’t have an account, sign up! After all, it’s free.

Obviously, you can ask Gazoo for help to translate your document. It’s simple:

1- To start translating, click on "Start Translation".
2- To stop translating, click on "Stop Translation".

Between these two steps, you can do whatever you like with the document: save it, close it, open it, rename it, change the font, copy and paste text… Gazoo goes with your flow.

There is nothing new to learn about editing text, because you already know how to use Word and Gazoo is completely transparent as you edit text.

In my next blog, I will tell you some more about translating with Gazoo!

Until then, have fun exploring!


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